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Sculpting Emotions - Art Therapy Exercise

Materials needed:

  1. Modeling clay, playdough, or any other sculpting material of your choice

  2. Work surface (such as a table or desk)

  3. Optional: Sculpting tools (e.g., clay shaping tools, toothpicks)

Sculpting Emotions - Art Therapy Exercise


  1. Find a quiet and comfortable space where you can work undisturbed.

  2. Take a few deep breaths to center yourself and focus on the present moment.

  3. Take a piece of modeling clay or playdough and begin sculpting it with your hands, allowing your intuition to guide you.

  4. As you work with the clay, think about the emotions you've been experiencing lately. These could be positive emotions like joy, excitement, or contentment, as well as negative emotions like stress, anxiety, or sadness.

  5. Use the clay to represent each emotion visually. You might sculpt abstract shapes, figurative forms, or even symbols that represent each emotion to you.

  6. Allow yourself to fully express each emotion through your sculpting, using your hands to mold and shape the clay in a way that feels authentic to your experience.

  7. If you have sculpting tools available, you can use them to add finer details or texture to your creations.

  8. Take your time with this process and allow yourself to fully immerse in the act of sculpting. Focus on the sensations of the clay beneath your fingers and the way it responds to your touch.

  9. As you finish each sculpture, take a moment to observe it and reflect on the emotion it represents. Notice any thoughts or feelings that arise as you interact with your creations.

  10. Once you've finished sculpting all the emotions you'd like to explore, arrange your sculptures in a way that feels visually pleasing to you.

  11. Spend some time observing your collection of sculptures as a whole. Notice how each one differs in shape, size, and texture, and how they come together to represent the complexity of your emotional landscape.

  12. Reflect on your experience with sculpting emotions. How did it feel to express your feelings through this creative medium? Did you gain any insights or perspectives about your emotions during the process?

Sculpting emotions is a tactile and expressive art therapy exercise that allows you to explore and process your feelings in a tangible way. By giving form to your emotions through sculpture, you can gain a deeper understanding of your emotional experiences and find relief from stress and tension.


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