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Listening to your needs


Individual 1:1 Creative Arts Therapy Sessions

Creative arts therapy sessions based in Brisbane, Australia. The sessions are 1 hour in length and use a multimodal approach. Each session is tailored specifically to suit your needs and goals and includes a variety of evidence-based methods from dance movement therapy, art therapy and counselling. 


While our sessions are structured to meet your unique goals, a typical session looks like:

  • Check-in to become aware of the current state of your mind and body. This may be done verbally or non-verbally through body-based techniques.

  • Body-based gentle warm-up to create safety and relaxation. 

  • Using dance/movement, art and counselling techniques to explore themes such as:

    • Attachment styles

    • Discovering unhealthy patterns that may have kept you stuck

    • Emotional regulation 

    • Safety

    • Trauma processing (once a level of safety has been achieved in previous sessions)

    • Post-traumatic growth

  • Reflection either verbally or non-verbally through a creative medium.


To see if creative arts therapy is right for you, please book in for an initial consultation. 


What is Dance Movement Therapy?

You do not need to know how to dance to participate in dance movement therapy. It is a specialised evidence-based expressive therapy that has been proven to assist in the treatment of mental health, trauma, and chronic pain. Dance movement therapy is based on the notion that your mind, body, emotions, and environment are in continuous interaction and draws from psychotherapy, somatics, creative movement, movement analysis, neurobiology, and psychology. We create a space to welcome and explore all facets of you, in a creative, and embodied way.

What is Art Therapy?

Similar to dance movement therapy, you do not need previous art skills to participate. Art therapy is an evidence-based expressive therapy that can strengthen your social, psychological and cognitive functioning. 

art therapy, creative arts therapy, your loving mind, NDIS
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