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Physiotherapy Exercise Videos

Easy-to-follow exercise video program. Online & self-paced - can be followed in any order & revisited anytime. 

This physiotherapy video series by Move Your Pain Therapy has been developed to supplement, not replace, your existing treatment. It is filled with exercises that you can do anytime from the comfort of your home and is suitable for everyone. It is gentle enough for arthritis & chronic illness sufferers. Regular movement is vital to maintaining health. While it may seem counterintuitive if you're in pain and have fatigue, low-impact movement has been proven to reduce pain and stiffness while increasing energy.

Movement Therapy Program



Physiotherapy Exercise Video Series

Valid until canceled

Instant Access to All Videos

One-time payment

Increase Mobility

Reduce Pain



Julie Scheuringer
Physiotherapist (now retired)

Julie has worked with thousands of people throughout her 50-year career as a Physiotherapist in hospitals and aged care settings. She has facilitated this program in order to share her expertise and the most effective exercises that can be done at home.  

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