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 Creative Arts Therapy for Mental Well-being.
Brisbane, QLD
NDIS self-managed &
plan-managed approved


Sometimes words are not enough

At Your Loving Mind, we treat the body and mind as a whole, combining traditional talk therapy (counselling) along with body-based and expressive therapies (dance movement therapy/art therapy). Creative arts therapy can assist you to express and regulate your emotions, build safety and stability, along with processing trauma stored in the body.

A tailored approach to your well-being

We work together to create a unique treatment plan, specifically tailored towards your goals and needs. Helping you move from surviving to thriving! All sessions are 1 hour in length, and facilitated by an allied and mental health professional. No prior dance or art experience needed. 

Feeling stressed, anxious, down, or triggered?
Creative arts therapy can help!

With expertise in:

  • Stress

  • Trauma

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • DID

  • PTSD

  • Bipolar Disorder

  • OCD

  • Pain Management

  • Psychosocial Disability

  • Relationships

  • Burnout

NDIS self-managed and plan-managed approved. To see if creative arts therapy is right for you, please book in for an initial consultation. 

Currently offering telehealth sessions, available Tuesday and Thursday. Home visits will also be considered on a case to case basis.

Australia and New Zealand Creative Arts Therapy Association, creative arts therapy, your loving mind
dancing, squirrel, dance movement therapy, creative arts therapy, your loving mind

Dance Movement Therapy

The psychotherapeutic use of movement to improve health and well-being. An evidence-based allied health service that focusses on the body/mind connection. It is particularly beneficial for trauma, stress and mental health.

counselling, creative arts therapy, your loving mind


Traditional talk-based therapy for mental health. It uses methods such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to reframe beliefs; mindfulness for emotional regulation and compassion-focused therapy to challenge the inner critic.

art therapy, dog, creative arts therapy, your loving mind

Art Therapy

Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses art  as a means of communication and expression. It is based on the idea that the creative process involved in art making can help individuals to explore their feelings, thoughts, and experiences in a non-verbal and therapeutic way, and can promote emotional growth and healing.

Professionally registered therapy

When seeking therapeutic support, it is vital that your therapist is professionally accredited and trained to assist you. We are Masters level qualified and registered with the Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapies Association (ANZACATA). As such, we are recognised by the NDIS to provide services to self-managed and plan-managed NDIS participants.

Australia and New Zealand Creative Arts Therapy Association, creative arts therapy, your loving mind


Therapeutic Art Exercises



Reduce stress from the comfort of home

Valid until canceled

Includes 9 therapeautic art exercises:

Mask Making, Contour Drawing, Story Collage,

Found Object Sculpture, Emotion Mapping, Make Your Own Cards

Sculpting Emotions, Emotion Wheel, Mindful Doodling

Movement Therapy Program



Physiotherapy Exercise Video Series

Valid until canceled

Instant Access to All Videos

One-time payment

Increase Mobility

Reduce Pain

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